data science + social good.
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DataGood @ Berkeley focuses on creating an outlet for students to learn and utilize their data science skills in meaningful impact driven sectors. We empower our members to design, develop, and ship out large-scale products to promote positive socio economic advancement. We welcome members of all backgrounds to join our Internal and External projects!

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Through our structure of internal and external projects, we prioritize horizontal growth for our members. Each semester, we have projects which vary in data science topics such as language modeling and machine learning. We encourage our members to learn and develop skills in a multitude of areas to discover which options are right for them.

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Through our partnership with the Berkeley Computing, Data Science, and Society, we offer our members access to resources and guidance to help them complete their own personal projects through the Discovery Exchange. Each semester, we provide a series of workshops to help our members design, develop, and ship projects seamlessly.

Discovery Exchange